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Welcome to Joe Urbz Media & Photography. Our team offers multiple services, including Photography, video editing, and Post-Production. We also provide script and screenwriting, copy and creative writing services. We love working events, and can accommodate your event photography and videography needs. We are located in beautiful Peoria, Arizona and travel extensively throughout the United States. Please explore our Photography galleries, as we update continually as we travel to more locations. Our SmugMug site contains our most recent events and work.

Archived projects: Every 15 Minutes Production
Film Production Photography – Juniper – Hannah McDonald

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    Lake Arrowhead
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    Stevens Creek
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    La Jolla
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    Mt Rainier
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    Mother Tree
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    Sunset at La Jolla Cove
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    Moonstone Bay
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    Joshua Tree
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    Inland Empire
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    L.A. from Mulholland
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    Grand Canyon Sunset