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Just an update from my last post. I continue to be surprised by the quality of Red River Paper on my printer: Canon 9000 mk II. Today, I received my two prints from Aspen Photo Lab on Fuji Crystal paper, but I probably chose the wrong style of photos to print. Just not quite what I was hoping for in terms of the WOW factor. I ordered a sample kit from Moab paper just to compare. Now to earn a few bucks to order some more paper, which is not cheap! I need about $200 for some good stuff (13 x 19) and (8 x 10). Anyone want to order some prints from me? Happy

As I await the delivery of my new lens, I scrubbed and fixed up my spa over the past three days to watch the Perseids meteor shower this week. Being we live in the mountains, the evenings have been cool this week, so a good 103 degree seat is always good. Maybe my daughter and I hit the golf range tomorrow. I found and cleaned some junior golf equipment from her older brother, so she is stoked.

Now to watch some Burn Notice and Covert Affairs...

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