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The Super Bowl ad by Honda featuring Matthew Broderick. This is the extended version. “See if you can spot some of the Ferris Bueller Easter eggs strewn throughout the homage. For instance, that white-fringe jacket at the Chinese parade look familiar to anyone?” Save Ferris!

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Hannah McDonald

Sometimes in education, you get some students who just take off and succeed in life. I have been blessed to have had quite a few out there changing the world!! I would like to share three: Jared Powell, Mike Emerson and Hannah McDonald! These three professionals are just awesome people. You can visit some of their work here: Hannah’s Internship Blog at Warner Bros Studios, Mike Emerson’s Demo Reel, and Jared Powell on Flickr. Jared is of off to Italy for 6 months via Cal State Fullerton’s Art Program. Here is his blog. (updated 1-18-12)

Hannah’s Vimeo channel:

Mmm Mmm Good! from Hannah McDonald on Vimeo.

Mike was a team member of Rim Today for Seasons 3 & 4. He significantly set a path from those years for the following seasons of Rim Today. He still inspires today’s students with his work more than he realizes. Hannah was in three seasons of Rim Today (8, 9, X), and has visited our classroom recently to share all of her wonderful experiences. Jared helped save Season 7 and continued into Season 8 -- and is probably our most common visitor and guest teacher for my Digital Design classes. Just wonderful people I have been honored to work with. I wish them all the success in the world!

Happy New Year

Happy New Years to everyone out there. I sure hope it will be a better year than 2011. LOL.