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Midwest Spring

Amidst the overload at work, I took a brief excursion to Chicago. I needed some well-needed time to spend with family. My brother Devlin took us out to the Indiana Dunes State Park / Beverly Shores area amidst the rain, wind, and cold. However, the rain subsided a bit and we found some really cool nature trails to wander about. Although there were no blue skies for pictures, we focused on the floral, birds, and foliage all around. It was a very peaceful and productive day.

The next day, my other brother took us out to northern Illinois and Wisconsin. The sun was out and we took advantage of it. We spent time in the Chain O’Lakes area for quite awhile, found some good food at a local biker restaurant, and took off to the Kenosha and Lake Geneva areas. We used the full day to capture anything we wished for our cameras.

Sunday was a family day and well worth it.

Here is the gallery of 400+ pics. Some are worked on, some are still in progress. I am still working on my Valley of Fire gallery as well. If you like any of the pictures, PLEASE email me with your feedback.

Catching Up!

Wow, it has been awhile since my last post. Life and work has been (and still is) a blur. This past week we visited Las Vegas and the Valley of Fire State Park. I have to go through about 800 photos (after 2 rounds of erasing the bad ones) and process some favorites. I will post them to SmugMug as a gallery as soon as I can. My mother and I zip-lined over the Fremont Street Experience. My wife and I renewed our vows (15 yrs together) at The Little White Chapel, enjoyed midnight bowling with my mom and daughter, and met some professional bowlers during a regional PBA tournament. We did a lot more, but you get the gist. We packed a week into this Spring Break.

My TV class is still working on the Every 15 Minutes production, enjoyed a wonderful field trip at the Mole-Richardson studios with Larry Parker, continuing Rim Today, and way more to list here. Really… the pressure to get all of this done at a high-quality level is unreal and time is not helping, esp since it all has to be done by mid-May. Keep an eye out for the local paper (The Mountain News), which as an article about our ROP classrooms’ relationship with the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival and Larry Parker. Our Swedish friends from the ROP Auto Shop program visit us this coming week. We look forward to showing them around the mountain, Rim High, and SoCal.

In a few weeks, I get to visit my brothers in Chicago, and we may venture off to Indiana and Wisconsin for some photography excursions.

What comes after “blur?” …. And it’s only April.