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iPhone 5

Well, I got one. And it is everything it’s cracked up to be. Super fast, solid, light, bright, and did I mention FAST?

Also, if you have an iDevice, please install an Iconify APP of my photography. As of now, it’s just for 10 pics (testing it out).

Last piece of news: finally got some sales on Fine Art America of the Redwoods!


School Starts

Students returned today to a school that is still under major construction, no internet, no network for the computer labs, and changing schedules. I tried to keep things in perspective with a good smile. Hopefully, tomorrow brings more productivity. Before classes started, I took this sunrise photo with my iPhone. The UFO-like clouds were cool. And tonight, the Chicago teams are losing: Bears, Cubs, and the White Sox play the Angels later. Must be a Monday, eh?

UFO Sunrise