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MBP Retina

After a week of using this MacBook Pro Retina (16g RAM, 512g SSD), the best metaphor I can use is from Pixar’s movie, “Cars” when Lightning McQueen keeps repeating the word “speed, I am speed.” Yes, as much as this phenomenal system has the incredible Retina display, the speed of this machine is fabulous. I have worked on multi-core PC’s and Mac’s with RAID’s and lots of RAM, but this system just screams with fluid responsiveness.

I finally had a chance to edit some photos within Aperture 3 with the Retina resolution. What a major difference in full screen editing; RAW files are so fast to deal with now. Same with Final Cut Pro X, which is SO silky smooth with HD streams. All that RAM makes so much of a difference.

Now, some quirks do exist. It took me 3 tries to set this machine up properly from my other one. I did not use the migration tool since my systems are so complex. Also, there are some special updates to be aware of with OS X Mtn Lion and not all apps are ready, such as Photoshop not being Retina ready.

This is a premium system, of course, and I have wondered if it was worth the extra costs with adapters. It still costs too much, but I do not feel like I am lacking in performance with anything out there. Gamers set up desktops to match their needs for performance, and this baby does what I need it to do. It has already saved me serious time in my workflows in one week’s time. Even the simplicity of surfing the web and curating HQSP on G+ (I use Opera, which is retina ready) is so MUCH faster that I stress less in reaching my daily goals. The last time I bought a major computer system for myself was 6 years ago, and that one is still working well for Rose and her job. I look forward to pushing this system even harder for quite a number of years.

Happy Holidays to everyone!