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Over the past two weeks, Rim High has reached the end of the year. We are now finishing Final Exams, Grading, Graduation, and other projects. Last Thursday, June 9th, my advanced class was taped and interviewed for a San Bernardino County (SBCSS) project-- the Alliance for Education. Soon, there will be two videos based on categories describing my ROP classroom in how it works. Keep an eye out. Also, we have started our 11th season of Rim Today, which is amazing. Congratulations to Rim High’s class of 2011, and especially my seniors! Summer begins soon, where I can finish my personal projects. Looking forward to FCP X, Lion, and iOS5. My little princess at home finished 1st grade with some wonderful awards AND Happy Birthdays to my wife, dad, and brother this month. Got the wife an refurb’d iPhone 4. She does not feel all that old this week. LOL.
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