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Last Few Days

Looking backwards from now... I went to visit my classroom today amidst the major school construction. I wanted to get started on organizing and updating all of the computers and servers. Apparently there was no electricity. Then I found the door to my room wide open and dark as midnight. Luckily, I had a “flashlight” app on my iPhone, and saw this:
Room 300-81511
I will visit tomorrow and see the room (and school) improves over the week. Oh, what fun for me. LOL.


Yesterday, we went to San Diego on a whim and explored the Art Fair and MOPA: Museum of Photographic Arts. Some very interesting things I learned. While looking for a rare parking space, we observed a photo walk in session -- people who have cameras that never pay attention to traffic, people, or anything else for that matter as they wander from their group. It was a beautiful day to walk around.

And I took this shot on the way home driving the Narrows.

And here are some shots from the day before.


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